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Donate for our Temple

God blessed us with a very nice Temple which we are still paying for. If the Lord has all your heart to collaborate with this tremendous blessing please communicate with us to send us your offering. 

Donate for our missions & evangelism

The ministry of evangelism and missions needs your collaboration. Each trip that takes place involves many expenses such as: Gas, lodging, food and others. Maybe you can not go to these trips but you can be part of them by collaborating with a monetary offering or donating clothes or food to be able to bless the needy. Communicate soon and offer for our mission and evangelism ministry.

Donate for our ministries

Your offering will be well used in our ministry. God loves the joyful giver who does not offer with sadness or need, so sow and the Lord will reward you in great. 

For More Information

Lizeth Valdes 

Senior Pastor

617 - 838 - 6354 Tel

16 Maywood St 

Roxbury MA 02119

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