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Our Ministries

Light a light ...

The Bible says: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. S Matthew 5:16


We believe that everything we do for God can be a blessing to those who do not know Him. That is why NMC has different ministries with which it preaches the gospel and enlightens the light of Christ. If you want to be part of these ministries, please join us so that you can also reach and impact many with your talents and gifts.



Musical Group

Music Academy

Youth Ministry 

NMC Radio


NMC Radio 


10 am - Uncion Dominical


6:30 pm - Aprendiendo las verdades de Jesus


6:00 pm - Sed Santos porque yo soy Santo

Grupo Uncion


The Uncion Group is the praise ministry of NMC. They minister every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They also go to different events where they minister the praises that God has given them.

Evangelism y Missions

The Evangelistic Group leaves every Sunday from 10am to 2pm to evangelize different places carrying a message of repentance and hope. Preaching that the only way, truth and life is Christ Jesus. Missions are also carried out in different states and countries where food and clothing is given to people in need and we also preach the good news of Jesus.

Youth Ministry

Come Visit Us

Viernes a las 7:30pm


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Mirna Soto Perez


Missionary Pastor

NMC Music Academy & Studio


Located at 120 Eastern Ave Chelsea, Ma 02150, NMC Music has 8 teachers and professional musicians who teach and prepare praise ministers to glorify God through music. Nmc Music also has a recording studio where they have produced almost 20 musical albums for different ministries. NMC Music is available to anyone who wants to develop the musical talent that God gave him. For more information visit or call 617-884-1808

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